Gates Of a Ruined Empire is a classic RTS game, referring to the fantasy RTS games. The game, however, contains much more complex gameplay mechanics. Which bring it closer to classic RPGs than the RTS games that you know. The game itself is set in a unique fantasy world created over the years.

A world that is not a standard black and white universe based on a clear division who is good and who is bad, and at the same time will be a world with a varied developed culture with full respect for the distinctiveness of classic races known from popular fantasy novels. It’s a multifaceted universe, both in the cultural, ethical and political layer. In the simplest terms, the world of GORE is a place that has had hundreds of years of prosperity and development provided by the technology of gates that allows you to connect with other worlds.

The website you are on contains information about this world and the game itself. It was created to provide all patrons with information about the game world and the proposed game mechanics.

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Assumptions of the gameplay:

  • There are three main factions in the game world: The Order, Fallen and Necromancers. These factions do not have a rigid racial division, that’s why representatives of races of people, elves or dwarves can be found in all three factions. Of course, each of these factions has its own characteristic units. For example: Fallen – bestiary of demons, Necromancers – all kinds of undead.
  • Gameplay is based on expansion and fortifications to take over new areas. Much more emphasis is placed on strategies and tactics than on the arcade aspects of RTS, like unit juggle.
  • The long-term goal of the game is to provide online entertainment for players, which is why the great emphasis of game design is on the gameplay balance and its visual aspect of battles. Everything will be supplemented with a satisfying ranking system, rewarding the player’s commitment and achievements.

An epic single player campaign:

As you well know, the fabular aspect of G.O.R.E.’s world is very important to me. Therefore, the story in which you will participate will fall into your memory for a long time. In order not to reveal too much, I will only say that the single player mode in G.O.R.E. will be a refined interesting and engaging experience.This world is my child and I will do my best to present it to you as best as I can. You will learn the story of the fall of the Empire, seen through the eyes of one of the senior officers of the forces of the Order, Amon. You will face the moral choices, you will question the existence of God, and you will stand on the thin border between good and evil.

Complexity of the game:

As a programmer, I am by nature a fan of complex things. Therefore, the combat system behind units is quite complex. The picture below presents a graph of basic unit parameters in the game.

This system aims to provide the player with the ability to customize factions to his own style of gameplay. I want you to decide whether you will create an army of crazy berserkers, with a huge attack and practically zero defense. Or you will bet on strong armored troops or magical talents of your warriors. Everything is designed to ensure clarity and the ability to adapt to game conditions. In multiplayer mode, you will decide whether to introduce a previously planned unit development system from the very beginning or allow the opponent to choose the first one to later counter his actions.
More about that topic You can read here.

Attention to details:

“And The Lord sent a star from heavens to give his children a wisdom.” – Translation of one of the verses of the Seal

The GORE world has been created over many years. I wanted it to be a complex and extensive fantasy world aimed at an adult audience. It was important to me that each element had its own history and was deeply rooted in the culture of the world. Therefore, my goal is not only to create a game that looks good visually. But the game where every detail will be motivated historically, culturally or religiously. An example of this is the seal of the Order, presenting both the history of the order and the values around which the empire was built.

The signs you see are not just regular pictograms placed on the seal so that it would be nice. These are words and quotes that form the foundation of the monotheistic religion of the Order.

Visual setting of the game:

At the moment it is the least prepared part of the project, because as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m a programmer, not a graphic designer 🙂 The photos you see on this page show Amon, the main character of the single player campaign. However, I think that it well represents the visual climate in which I want to keep the game (at least in what artistic plan the empire will be maintained). You can find more screenshots on our blog during creating and approving new materials.
Faction of Fallen I would like to inspire, to a large extent, by the work of the artist Zdzisław Beksiński, in my opinion, they are a good foundation for building the image of this faction.
The visual aspect of necromancers’ factions will be focused more on toned their appearance and appropriate dedication to the seriousness of suffering and death that underlies this faction.

In engine armor closeup

As you can see in the pictures, the game aims to maintain a realistic look and the basic objective will be the photorealism of units. The Unreal Engine 4 will help in this. The engine with which I have worked many times during the performance of freelance orders. It will probably be necessary to give up some graphics quality elements, in favor of game performance on weaker computers, but one of the main programming goals is to ensure the highest possible performance.
We do the game only and exclusively for PCs, we will not downgrade graphics to work on consoles.