Gates Of a Ruined Empire is a game that refers to classic RTS games. However, it contains a much more complex gameplay mechanics, as well as an audiovisual setting that matches current technology.

The presented world is characterized by a multithreaded narrative and complex relations in the aspect of politics, religion, culture or race. It is a fantastic world in which nothing is obvious or exaggerated. There is a lack of a division into good or bad things in an obvious way. Everything depends on the point of view, and there are as many viewpoints as the inhabitants of the world.

The project is financed mainly thanks to the support of individual patrons, so if after reading the materials available on this site you find it interesting, consider the support of G.O.R.E. through Patreon. Thanks to people like you G.O.R.E. development is possible. Together, we can achieve our goal.

For whom is this game?

The purpose of G.O.R.E.’s creation is to provide entertainment for mature players who value the possibility of continuous development of their skills and creativity. One of the basic ideas of G.O.R.E. is to provide a platform for network battles between people who value individual solutions and a creative approach to the opponent. Gates Of a Ruined Empire offers you the world in which you are the commander, and it is up to you how your soldiers will fight. Are you a good commander, it will turn out on the battlefield.

More about the mechanics and game architecture.

In order to give the player the opportunity to implement his tactical assumptions, the G.O.R.E.’s gameplay project provides for the possibility of introducing numerous modifications to the equipment of units included in your army. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to make decisions at many levels of army management.

You can decide that your base infantry will consist of heavy-duty troops, but you can also decide that you prefer to have fast offensive troops that will harass your opponent’s forces. This diversity applies to most of the units you control. You decide and the opponent verifies your strategy.

You will also encounter a similar situation in deciding the development strategy of your base. Whether you want to build a fortress, requiring substantial force to crush its fortifications, or prefer to invest in numerous troops depends on you. G.O.R.E. gives you many tools that you can use in your own way. Have you used them well it will turn out on the battlefield.

How is the gameplay.

Currently, the project is at an early stage of development, which is why there are no gameplays available yet that represent the full spectrum of the game. What you can expect on the battlefield is a match at first glance with the Warcraft series. Which means that the player has individual control over each unit. An important difference, however, is the fact that the main emphasis of the game is changing from the arcade aspect – as in Warcraft – to the strategic-tactical aspect. A very important element of the game is scouting in the enemy camp, allowing you to counteract his actions, by adjusting your army or development strategy. It is important that you have your own strategy, but do not be afraid to change it if your opponent’s actions force you.

What are the factions?

The first release of GORE will consist of three playable factions:

  • The Empire – ruled by the Order, gathering in their ranks a large representation of the intelligent races of the world GORE. Its characteristic feature is the unification of all races under the doctrine of the monotheistic religion of the Order.
  • A faction of the Fallen – a mixture of hellish beings that appeared in the world after the great cataclysm and members of the Order who recognized cataclysm as a manifestation of the will of the Lord.
  • Necromancer faction – Those who profess the supremacy of death over mortal deities.

Single player campaign.

Although the main purpose of G.O.R.E. is to create an extraordinary multiplayer experience, a very important part of the project is a single player campaign. Thanks to it you will get to know the history of all three main factions of the game. You will learn what led to the great cataclysm, how the faction of the fallen was formed, and why some of its troops are the former units of the Order. You will learn a complex story whose interpretation will belong to you. The goal is not only to give you unforgettable entertainment but also to present you the world of G.O.R.E. from a variety of perspectives so that you can see what the real war is about.


Gates Of a Ruined Empire is created on the Unreal Engine, using all the latest technologies. The goal is to provide you with the highest quality experience, therefore the priority during the work on G.O.R.E. is attention to details and quality of gameplay. The visual setting of the production is focused on relative realistic in order to ensure high immersion for each player. This game is not created so that you can buy it and put it on the shelf. This game is created to give you an unforgettable experience.