DevLog #1

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A second month of work on the game has passed. That is why it is worth writing about what we have been working on and what are the plans for the coming days.

What’s behind us:

If you follow the project profile on twitter, you probably know that I was working on the model of the Empire Town Hall. Due to the fact that I am not a specially experienced graphic designer, it took me some time to work on it, but the model can be considered ready at the moment. Fortunately, I’m slowly starting to gain experience in 3D object modeling and it’s getting better and faster.

Work on the town hall was not the only task that was accomplished during this month. I managed to complete the basic issues related to the procedural filling of the land, which I started work at the end of May and the outline of this system could be seen here.

In addition, while working on the town hall, I have polished the code layer of algorithms responsible for handling buildings in the game. I’ve added a few gates that allow the development of possible building behaviors that I would like to test and use as soon as I have a little more time.

Unfortunately, I had to devote a lot of my time to looking for financing for the project. Our campaign on Patreon generate income, however, at the moment they are not sufficient for basic licenses, therefore I was forced to do several smaller jobs as a freelancer to provide me with the necessary funds to work. Slowly new patrons join the group supporting the project, but I am afraid that until their number does not exceed at least 100 people, I will have to spend a part of the month working on earning money as a freelancer. Fortunately, my coffee supplies are quite large, so nothing prevents me from sleeping for 3 hours a day 😉

What is ahead of us:

By the end of July I would like to finish most of the basic game interface. A large part of the necessary materials have already been prepared on the occasion of previous work, so it seems to me possible to prepare it by the end of the month.

An important part of raising funds that are currently our key problem is a good visual presentation. Therefore, when the interface is completed, we will be able to present three basic visual aspects of the game. Meaning: Appearance of units, Appearance of game map, Menu and interface appearance.

I also hope that by that time we will be able to win a business partner who will support us with additional funds in exchange for promoting his brand. I am currently conducting talks on this subject with several companies, however, they are only at an early stage.

If everything goes as planned, at the beginning of next month we will be able to afford the first ads and wider promotion of the project. At the moment, the whole promotion is based on the community and real players who provide information about the project among their friends. While it is very motivating and affirming me in the need to create G.O.R.E, there is nothing to cheat. We are not able to compete with the reach offered by facebook or twitter advertising.

However, the time will come.
The beginnings are always the most difficult, so I would like to thank my current Patrons. You gave me your trust and showed faith in my project.
Together, we will develop it and achieve what is impossible for others.

Thank you!


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  1. “Slowly new patrons join the group supporting the project, but I am afraid that until their number does not exceed at least 100 people”

    It seems to me that the beginnings are always like that. The more supporters there are, the faster the new ones arrive. The principle of the rolling snowball.

    And as for the pace of your work, I am very impressed. Studies employing a few hundred people sometimes run slower than you. Keep it up! For my part, you can count on constant support.

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