DevLog #2

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It’s time for the second devlog, a loose talk about what has been done recently. I managed to introduce a lot of novelties related to the kernel of the game, as well as create a pretty decent number of new assets, but I admit honestly – the last weeks were a road of pain.

It turned out that in my plan of work on the game I did not include one quite important factor, which are the weaknesses of the human body. Consequently, for the last month, I have lost a lot of time trying to cure my pneumonia, which I contracted through my ignorance for the usual cold. It also turned out that 4 hours of sleep a day and a “slightly stressful” lifestyle does not affect the immune system well, so for over a month I can be considered a connoisseur of antibiotics. 😉

Fortunately, my doctor finally managed to find an antibiotic which works, and consequently slowly regain my strength to work on a normal level. At least I have such hope, because struggling with fever and side effects of taking strong antibiotics is terribly annoying. And when you barely live, it’s hard to be creative… That’s why I tried to adapt my work to my health as much as possible, so I avoided creating complicated things, and devote myself to work on graphic resources and other simple things.

But enough of this whining .. Let’s move on to what has been achieved.

Assets, Assets Assets

As you know the greatest demand at the moment we have on 3d models. We need to model not only units, buildings and etc. but also various elements decorating the map. I am committed to the vast majority of the models included in the game was created manually for the game and did not come from the assets shops. The main reasons for this decision are that GORE performance optimization is a number one priority for me. I can not afford to lose the resources used by the game for the poorly optimized elements of the environment. The second reason is my desire that GORE look unique, and this can not be achieved when you use the generally available resources.

In this area, however, I managed to make good progress. Apart from innumerable various pebbles, elements of ruins, vegetation and the like, I managed to model quite a lot of weaponry for future units, as well as the basic unit itself – Master Mesh.

Master Mesh

Master Mesh is nothing but a basic model of a humanoid unit that is used as the basis for all human units. It supports all types of animation of such a unit and levels of detail responsible for optimizing the display process. It also has properly adapted anchors that allow you to change the appearance of our unit from an ordinary worker to an armored soldier or an archer. I also added a wicket that will allow for a significant modification of its appearance at the model level, but this is not yet fully completed. At present, the results are satisfactory. The engine displays several dozen units at a time without any significant loss of performance.

Logic of combat units

The second big achievement we have made is to create and test the code layer for Master Mesh support. The unit is already able to integrate into the environment at the combat level, and it has implemented quite well-functioning pathfinding. It also exposes the data packets to the interface and has implemented the base models of behavior in relation to the situation in which it is located. However, these systems are only at a very early stage, and thus still require a lot of work on their development.


I was also able to make some progress in the interface design. What the main menu of the game looks like you have already seen, but soon you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the interface of the battlefield itself. I decided to use the combination of the classic RTS game interface, familiar to you from games such as starcraft, with a few enhancements, allowing easy handling of more advanced game mechanics. In this aspect, however, I am convinced that there will be numerous changes, because interface should be intended for gameplay and not gameplay for the interface. Therefore, the base that we have now achieved will be developed throughout the entire process of creating the game.

Ray Tracing and others

In recent days, it was loudly about the new nVidia cards and more advanced light. All interested and asking me on Twitter on this matter, I would like to say that: Of course, WE SUPPORT THIS TECHNOLOGY” 😉 However, I will do my best so that the highest quality graphic setting will also work smoothly on computers equipped with AMD graphics cards. In other words, we will try to get the most out of it possible with both nVidia and AMD technologies. Currently the game is benchmarking very well with ZERO optimization, which is why I see the future in bright colors.

What’s next?

As usual, a lot. First of all, I have great hope that I will finally heal myself and I will not be forced to take antibiotics all the time. I do not tend to complain, but everything that goes with illness is slowly irritating me.

The second thing is that from tomorrow I will start on our Twitch channel something like “Indie Big Brother“. A lot of people are interested in the process of creating 3D graphics, so I decided to please these people and a few times a week I will run a stream showing my desktop, so that you can see for yourself how the work with assets looks like. Some streams will be commented, others will only offer video record of my work. It is not my goal to become a Twitch celebrity, so please treat these streams as a curiosity and an opportunity to exchange opinions and make interesting acquaintances.

At the end, a little bit of whining about the budget. Since in November I have to pay annual fees for running a business and my calculations show that I will run out of about 1,000 euros, I sincerely encourage you to consider your Patronage on the Patreon website or click the “Donations” button on our Twitch channel.

A one-time donation can also be made by clicking here


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