A little time has passed since the last dev log was published, so I decided to take a moment off from work to inform our small but awesome community, what is happening now with the project.

In short:

Playable alpha will be ready during this vacations.

Not in short:

When I published the last trailer six months ago, we already had a working game core and basic mechanics. However, we were far from “playable stage of production”. Since then, however, a lot of time has passed, and I tried to distribute my time and strength in the most efficient way possible. I had to change a lot of things, polish a lot of stuff and save a large part for later. After all, something reasonable starts to emerge from this chaos. Something I hope I will be able to share with you soon.

I decided that the version of the game which will be available will be a very small version of the entire game. A slice through most of the mechanics and concepts of the game, to present you what I really mean by G.O.R.E. The way of managing units, buildings, combat, and general overview of all key concepts. These are the most important things that I want to show you in the upcoming alpha.

It will not be the alpha version that you know from early access games. We are still far away from this stage. That is why the upcoming version will be free, but I have not yet decided whether it will be publicly available.

Do not count on the fact that there will be a lot of gameplay. Only one game mode will be available, consisting of resisting attacks of the pretty dumb AI. However, this mode will give you the opportunity to test whether my concept of strategic game suits you. You will be able to play with the basic mechanics, and find out for yourself whether you want to play the full version.

I will probably open our alpha for a slightly wider audience than just the project Patrons. We will always need additional advertising, and the distribution of demo versions seems to me the most honest form of advertising. However, I have not yet decided whether the demo will be available to the public or will be based on limited access for selected recipients. I will provide information on this subject in the near future.

Let’s summarize everything:

What can you expect in the upcoming alpha:

  • One game mode based on resisting waves of enemies (This mode is not planned in the final version but it is the easiest to do and requires the least work on maintaining artificial intelligence. I do not want to waste time at the current stage to polish a game mode which will not be used in later versions.)
  • Full mechanics of collecting and using resources.
  • Presentation in action of the combat system and damage calculation.
  • Presentation of the build and destruction system.
  • Presentation of the proposed outfit management system
  • The general presentation of the visual setting.
  • Dumb SI

What can you CAN NOT expect in the upcoming alpha:

  • Optimization
  • Storyline
  • A small installation package
  • Lack of glitches
  • Good audio
  • Gameplay balance

Personally, I have some concerns about sharing the distribution of the game in such an early version – because it is far from what I planned – but I still hope that what you receive will appeal to you.

All “quick news” as usual available on our Patreon and discord.
Updating our website at a higher frequency will only occur when I will be allowed to clone myself or when I will win the lottery to hire someone for this activity 😉

Thanks for your support so far and see you soon!


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