Here is the beginning of the encyclopedia of the G.O.R.E. world in front of your eyes. It will be supplemented with new topics along with progress in the work on the project and the free time that will remain for me. Unless I find someone to help in this aspect of work on the game 🙂

Last week, I devoted the majority of my time to promoting the project in social media, which resulted in the first patrons of the presence of which I am very proud (yes yes, the first patron is my girlfriend 😉 ). However, I am neither an expert on social media nor a person who communicates with others easily. I am quite a closed person who is trying to create a good game.

Therefore, in the coming days, I will try to focus more on working on the game than on promoting the project and looking for patrons. This task gives me pleasure and in the world of code, I feel much better than hunting for likes or retweets.

Of course, I am very grateful to everyone for your commitment and I am asking you to continue to promote my project. However, I want to show you more of my game in the shortest possible time.

In the “Project Status” section on this page, you can check what you are currently working on at any time.

The “knowledge base” section will be complemented in my free time from coding, to gradually give you more information about the world of the game.  The first articles on the history of the Order and the basics of combat mechanics are already available and I cordially invite you to read.

However, on the blog, I will post information about how work on the G.O.R.E. runs. About the support, which I have gained from you all, my plans and my loose thoughts about creating this game.

I would also like to somehow gather together the entire community involved in the project and get to know your opinions and suggestions. That’s why I’m thinking about organizing weekly meetings on the Discord game server. But I think there is not yet enough of us to make these meetings interesting. I will let you know on Twitter if such a meeting is planned.

So I’m getting to work, and all of you, I’m asking you to advertise the G.O.R.E. project wherever you can. The more patrons, the more opportunities to create a game in a form that will delight all of us. And closer to the moment when we will fight in the world of “Gates Of Ruined Empire”



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