Hello everyone! Today will be a bit about numbers and epidemics.

Behind us half-time of the campaign, meanwhile, we still have some funds to collect. For this reason, I would like to announce mobilization!

As you know, our main goal is to collect £ 45,000. Which means that we need a minimum of 2 250 supporters who will buy the basic edition of the game. This is not a high number, but with our practically non-existent advertising budget, it is quite difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

As you know, our studio is a real indie of flesh and blood. We don’t make this Kickstarter because we want to collect preorders and satisfy the publisher or shareholders (because we don’t have them). We are here because we care about G.O.R.E. with all our heart and we want it to be funded. In order for us to succeed, we must ask you for another favour. (Inspired partly by the fact that for the next two weeks we are quarantined in connection with CoVID-19.)

Become our zero patient and let a small epidemic of spreading knowledge about our project begin with you!


If each of the “G.O.R.E.” backers and followers place links to our project in several different places where you contact other players, our information grid will develop quickly. Ask your friends too and we will soon be noticeable. Paste links wherever you think this is right. Give info about GORE  to the gaming content creators that you read/watch and respect.

You can safely use all promotional materials of G.O.R.E. in your posts. The most important is that we obtain the widest possible range. Then there is a chance that everyone who may be interested in our game will get information about it. Show that despite the fact that we do not have a corporate advertising budget, we have a positive and committed community.

Let’s show the fuck to all the media and Youtubers who will not even mention your game without paying them a few hundred bucks.

Let’s do it right! Do it Together!



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