Last week on our Twitter, I invited you to ask questions about the project. Thank you very much everyone for their numerous participation. In this post you can read the answers to the questions you have sent.

Some questions appeared quite often in a similar form, so in order not to make chaos I used the “first come, first served” method, while the number of repetitions contributed to position of the question on list.

“How much estimated time does it take to get it done? Cause if i would be able to get it in beta or when it comes out  will be nice” – Drano

In fact, everything depends on you.
At the moment I’m working on this game alone.
Despite that, within five months of work on the game, we managed to bring it to the stage where all the basic mechanics work, as you can see by watching the trailer I recently published. The pace of work depends mainly on the financial resources I have. At the moment, I am spending all the funds I get through the Patreon to purchase the part of necessary licenses. The rest is financed through quick jobs for clients who need my services.

I believe, however, that the community of gamers will not fail and due the development of the project new patrons will join us. Thanks to that we will be able to afford people who are able to help me and thus radically accelerate and increase the quality of work on the project.

Therefore, coming back to your question, the answer is: A few months for a playable but very truncated alpha version. However, with my current resources, a year maybe two for the version that can be considered fully playable. First of all, I want to create this game in a quality that the recipients deserve, limited financial resources obviously slow down the work. However, always my person remains, and I really intend to do this game regardless of adversity 🙂

“Are you planning to publish the game in the Steam early access program, as many indie devs do? And if so then when” – Inter

As I mentioned, first of all I care about the quality of this game and on the impressions of the gameplay it will deliver. Therefore, if the game appears in Early Access, it will be a product that is almost finished, requiring only extensive testing of the gameplay balance. All previous tests, for the alpha and early beta versions, are planned to be carried out by the project patrons, selected testers and limited beta key drops.

I do not share popular philosophy in the industry. Do – earn – forget. My goal is to create a game that will keep players returning long after the premiere. To achieve this, the game must have all of its key aspects refined on the day of the premiere. To tune the mechanics instead of forming it on the knee during the early access.

“Why did you decide to use realistic 3D graphics instead of creating a pixel art or something that I call “artistic bricks”?” – Logan

The graphics you see on the trailer are, to a large extent, an outline of what I want to achieve at the end. As I have mentioned many times, I am not an artist, I have no education or experience in this field. However, I have a certain vision of the game world appearance, which I try to pursue as much as I can, during my learning process of modeling, texturing or working with animations.

The main purpose of creating patreon site was to obtain funds for the employment of graphics designers, able to implement my visual concept. Until it is possible, I will try to realize these concepts by myself.
Of course you can wait with folded hands, but you can also try to learn something new. We are humans, limited only by our fears.

“Will the game also appear on consoles?” – Radical

It depends on the console 🙂
I do not have in my plans to provide dedicated support for gamepad type controllers. It would simply kill the gameplay, which at some moments will require quick reactions from the player. If among the controllers of the new generation of consoles there are devices capable of providing full control without losses in the reception of the game, I see no problem.

“What will the hardware requirements of the game be?” – JC0b

It is definitely too early to talk about it, but I try to optimize game performance on a regular basis when adding new elements of the game. Certainly there will be options available to adjust performance. If you do not plan to launch G.O.R.E. on wood, it will work.

“Why is there no conceptual graphics anywhere?” – Merith

When a team consists of one person, there is no need to create this type of graphics in the quality allowing for publication. Before modeling, I create a sketch for my own use and that’s enough. Unfortunately, currently my budget does not allow for cooperation with anyone who would be able to create such graphics. That’s why I’d like to show you what the game really looks like, instead of how I think it will look like.

“How many games have you made?” – ReddyFour

G.O.R.E. is my first game, which I create from scratch. As I mentioned on patreon, I got the majority of my professional experience as a spec-ops freelancer working for various clients, mainly from the financial industry, however, I happened to lend my skills to companies working on games.

However, I do not approve of situations in which an independent artist, while promoting his project, praises about his performance in the work on the widely recognized AAA title, especially that the majority of such people were only part of huge teams.

It is my wish that only G.O.R.E. with its design and gameplay, will make you interested in this project and maybe even decide to support.


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