Milestones have it to themselves that they never occur alone. When you reach one, the next one always appears on the horizon. So it is in our case.

As I mentioned in the diary intended only for patrons, for the first five months of work on the project we managed to achieve a stable and working base game mechanics. Now is the time to set another long-term milestone that we will strive for in the coming months. And it is:

Playable Alpha

To achieve this, we will have to devote a lot of resources to the creation of new units. My goal is to add at least two new unit levels, and also I will try to present you the second playable faction. I also plan to refresh the appearance of our first avatar, which you know from the trailer announcing the game, and presentations of the second of the Avatars for the multiplayer game.

And all this is due to the fact that I will try to make our playable alpha, have a working multiplayer mode with the entire basic show associated with it. We include not only the basic matchmaking system but also an outline of the planned visual effects for tournament matches.

One of my main goals in designing a multiplayer combat in G.O.R.E. is to give you unforgettable impressions from the clash with another opponent. I want you to feel like a world class boxer joining the fight for the title. The first part of this system is of course already mentioned by me the system of Avatars, which you will be able to customize according to your opinion as in a good RPG, the second part is the audiovisual binding associated with this event.

I do not want to reveal the details of planned solutions at this point because the competition is not sleeping, and corporations love to “borrow” the ideas of independent creators. That’s why this information must be enough for you at the moment. What I can guarantee is that the coming months will be a very interesting period for us.

As usual, the goal that we set for ourselves is ambitious, but since we’ve already made one “impossible”, why not try to get another one.
The effects of my previous work have met with a very good reception on your part, for which I would like to thank you very much. Thanks to you, I have very large amounts of energy and motivation to develop this project. Together, we create what corporations have forgotten: A game with a heart and a character.

Thank you for being with me and supporting me even when I’m very tired.


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