Many people ask me why I chose Patreon as a way of financing the project, after all, it is not a platform dedicated to game developers. There are several key reasons why I took this decision, and in this post, I will try to explain them all.

The first and in my opinion, the most important issue that prompted me to choose Patreon is the fact that it gives the possibility of close contact with supporters of the game. As you well know, I have a fairly clear vision of how the game will look, but I am also aware that I am not doing this game only for myself. My goal is to create a real-time strategy that will provide entertainment long after the release. For this purpose, I care about the group of players who, having access to materials related to the game long before the premiere, will watch and express their opinions about the changes introduced at the production stage.


Because I see what is happening in the indie market in recent years and I want to avoid mistakes made by other developers.

I’ve watched many times how young studios with a really interesting idea for the game, have released a really poor quality product. For various reasons. Truncated budget. Short deadline. Or the publisher who enforced his “standards”. But most of all: because they have not listened to fans since the success of their Kickstarter campaign. It was not just their fault. These people were just too many, and the Kickstarter itself does not provide the appropriate tools to communicate with the buyers.

I want to avoid this.

We are currently at a very early stage of creating the game and do not need excessive financial resources. Of course, if there are more, work will proceed faster. But the main purpose is to attract Patrons who want exactly the same what I want. To create a really good strategy game.

I sincerely doubt that at this stage of work on the game, “typical casual player” or “Steam sale hunter” become Patron of G.O.R.E. The people who support my project are real hardcore players. People who know what a solid game is about. Thanks to this, (of course, apart from financial resources) I gain a team of excellent consultants.

In addition, since the launch of the campaign, I have been flooded with offers of cooperation from various artists or programmers. In this sense, the campaign on the Patreon website has already fulfilled its purpose, because thanks to it I found many talented people who want to create a game not only for money, but above all to be proud of it. As the pool of available money increases, I will take care that they have something to work on.

Only Patreon gives me the opportunity to create such a close-knit group of recipients. And thanks to them I can be sure that the ready game will meet the expectations of the wide spectrum of players. Then, when we prepare playable and approved by Patrons demo of the game, we will be able to start financing the production of assets using a campaign on the Kickstarter. With all marketing related activities and other stuff.

At the moment when we launch our campaign on Kickstarter, we will have practically ready and tested game. And the money collected will dedicate to glance and extend all aspect of the game.

I do not want to promise unreal things like other Dev’s, I want each of you to have an opportunity to become part of this project. And at the end of the road you will get a game that you will love.


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