Day with G.O.R.E. – Partner program for Youtubers, Streamers and small companies

Many of our fans ask about the possibility of advertising their business or channel through our communication channels. In response to your requests, we have prepared the program “Day with G.O.R.E.”

As you well know, our project arouses great interest among the gaming community, the best example is the constantly growing community on our Twitter profile.

Our community comes mainly from the USA and UK and as you can easily guess the main spectrum of their interests is related to video games.

We realize that such a group of recipients may be perfect for you, but our main goal is to obtain financing for our game. That is why we decided to launch a pilot program, thanks to which you will be able to reach our recipients with your content while helping us develop the G.O.R.E. project.

On our Patreon website there is a pledge tier called “Influencer”. By buying it you will receive one-day promotion on our website and Dedicated Post on Twitter, informing our fans that on this day you are the main patron of our project. Of course, both on Twitter and on our site there will be links to the URL you indicated. The number of available places in this program is equal to 30 each month, which is why we decided to call it “Day With GORE”

Thanks to this solution everyone wins. You receive advertising among a selected group of recipients related to computer games. We gain funds for the development of our project. And our Fans guarantee that they will not be flooded with advertisements.

However, we reserve the right to refuse to display your ad if we find it inadequate for our customers and to cease providing services under the “Day With GORE” program at any time. In both cases, you will receive a refund.