Q.: Will the game really be free from the very beginning?

A.: YES!
The basic version of the game, giving access to all multiplayer functions will be free. It’s very likely that single-player campaigns will be issued in the form of paid DLCs. However, having them will not affect the multiplayer mode.

Q.: Will microtransactions have any effect on multiplayer gameplay?

A.: Only cosmetic.
Through microtransactions, we want to give you the opportunity to support the development of the game if you think that G.O.R.E. is a good game. Our main goal is to create a good and extensive game that will please players for many hours. We believe that a satisfied player will gladly support the development of the game.

Q.: Will the game be available on other platforms than the PC?

A.: It will be but not immediately.
Mainly because of the optimization stuff and various technologies that are currently only available on PCs. The architecture of the game, however, is so open that conversions for consoles should be quite easy.

Q.: Why RTS? Nobody is playing strategic games anymore.

A.: Nobody plays because new RTS games are not being created.
We have several major series based on the same mechanics for years. Smaller productions lend these mechanics and adapt to their visual realities. If a game looks good it usually has crude gameplay, and if the gameplay is expanded then usually the graphics looks tragic. In both cases, these titles do not arouse great interest outside the group of hardcore fans of the series.