Q.: You’re crazy? You taking on such a complex project alone?

A.: Crazy is not a good word. Tired of complaining – this is a more adequate concept.
Just like you, I am a gamer, I’ve played hundreds of different games and I’m tired that, with few exceptions, most of the titles that appear are the same as others. Reskins of titles that were already, dressed in the frames of what we consider to be a world-view standard. For a long time, games have not been created to present something of their own. A lot of people, like me, miss something fresh. Is it in the layer of mechanics or in the fabular layer.
I assumed that the experience I gained over a dozen years of my programming career should be enough to create a framework for what will GORE become in its final version. That’s why instead of scratching my head and waiting for some billionaire to say “hey let’s risk a few million dollars and do something new,” I got to work.
Of course, I do not intend to work alone until the very end of the project.
My goal is to show you that you can create something innovative and collect the money needed to hire specialists who will help me in this. I never thought it would be easy. However, I already have my years and enough experience so I know what I’m doing. If I do not get wiped by some “accidental circumstances”, I will provide you with the best RTS you have ever played.

Q.: What is the planned release date of the game?

A.: As the game will be finished.
In our case, the pace of work on the game is determined by the budget I have. It is obvious that two people create a game faster than one, and a dozen people will create even more content at the same time. After all, the work is still going on.
The main assumption is not to give up planned mechanics just because they require a lot of work or are expensive. Nobody will want to play a game that consists of only bugs or looks like a rotten tomato.
That’s why sometimes some aspects of the game are born longer than we planned before. In the first place quality on the second implementation of deadlines.
In addition, I try to share roadmaps and other information on how the work progresses, so that you have an overview what’s going on.

Q.: Will the game be available on other platforms than the PC?

A.: It will be but not immediately.
Mainly because of the optimization stuff and various technologies that are currently only available on PCs. The architecture of the game, however, is so open that conversions for consoles should be quite easy.

Q.: Why RTS? Nobody is playing strategic games anymore.

A.: Nobody plays because new RTS games are not being created.
We have several major series based on the same mechanics for years. Smaller productions lend these mechanics and adapt to their visual realities. If a game looks good it usually has crude gameplay, and if the gameplay is expanded then usually the graphics looks tragic. In both cases, these titles do not arouse great interest outside the group of hardcore fans of the series.

Q.: Can I get access to the discord server without being a patron?

No. Project Patrons are an elite group of the gaming bourgeoisie. Admission only by invitation.
Sorry 🙂

Q.: Are you going to any fairs related to computer games in the near future?

When the game will be ready I will probably leave my cave, but at the moment it is just a waste of valuable resources. Besides, I do not like the crowds and the whole envelope.