Empire Town Hall


The main building of the Empire faction. Responsible for the production of basic units and technologies.

According to the IDS, Town Hall is the main building of the Empire faction, responsible for the production of workers units and summoning the Player’s Avatar in multiplayer games.

The loss of this building is associated with the end of the game, therefore it has a number of enhancements strengthening its defensive capabilities.

Available Units:
  • Worker
  • Player Avatar
Available Upgrades:
  • Praetorians – Provides the building with defense capabilities.
  • Guiding Light – Provides the ability to cast anywhere on the map an area buff, which strongly reinforces faction units.
  • The Last Stand – Provides strong defensive reinforcement for all units in the close vicinity of the town hall.

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      This will be described in a separate article soon.
      On our Patreon profile, Avatars of Centurion and Oracle, are available in the two highest thresholds.
      In short, the avatar is the hero with the appearance and skill set chosen by the player.

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