One of the three main factions in the game is the Empire. This fraction brings together in its ranks units that are representatives of almost all intelligent world races. Their common denominator is unity in the monotheistic religion of the Order.

Due to its racial diversity, the order has a diverse spectrum of units. From the heavily armored human infantry – which is the core of the Order’s army – to dwarven engineers or elven war dancers.

A representation of the valkyria engraved on Amon’s armor

The elite of the Order’s army are such units as the heavily armored and well-trained Centurioni fighters, the magnificent Mages, and the Oracles – the highest priestesses of the Lord.
It is said that in the darkest hour the Lord would send the Valkyries to support their children in the fight against chaos. However, so far, the Valkyries remain only in myths.

Genesis of the Order:

Religious unity of the Order comes from the conviction of being chosen by the Lord. This conviction is reflected in ancient events when the races inhabiting the world had to face a huge cataclysm in the form of a star that fell from the heavens bringing annihilation of the nascent civilization.

After many years, humanity returned to the areas destroyed by the cataclysm and the rumor says that in the place of the fall of the star, they found a gift from the Lord himself. It is not clear what this gift was exactly, but people who had contact with it possessed an unprecedented knowledge of the nature of the world, and abilities which nobody has seen before.

Thus were born the foundation of religion which we observe today. In the place where the gift from the Lord was found, the “Temple of the Fallen Star” was built, and to protect its treasures and secrets, the Order was created.

Soon after that fact, the Order began building the first gate, based on the knowledge that the Lord gave to them. Not knowing how exactly how they work and where they lead. The construction was completed and the opened gates led the chosen to a virgin land full of unprecedented fauna and flora.

“The great seal of the Order” Containing its main values and history.

Everything, however, has its cons, because as it turned out, the portal created by the gate soon closed itself, and its re-opening led people to a completely different world.
Nevertheless, this event made the Order gain great recognition and publicity in the world that is still rising after the cataclysm. And the number of followers of his religion began to grow drastically so that after hundreds of years it would become the dominant religion on the continent.

Over the years, the Order has constantly expanded its influence and became not only a religious institution but also a great religious empire, which was very reluctant to approach those who did not share their convictions. Constantly developed Gate technology gave them access to raw materials unheard of in our world, thanks to this the power of the Orders Empire grew constantly and it seemed that nothing could threaten them. Until now…


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