One of the distinctive aspects of Gates Of Ruined Empire is a unique infrastructure development system on the battle map. In this article, you will learn what its main assumptions are.

I.: What is the problem?

One of the primary goals of designing the G.O.R.E. multiplayer game is to guarantee players that their strategic abilities have a decisive impact on the outcome of the battle. Among the leading RTS titles on the market, we observe the stratification of the genre for games in which the game is arcade (StarCraft style), and for titles in which the pace of the game is very slow, hooking even for a turn-based game (COH style). Although we do not have anything against the previously mentioned titles, we would like to offer you a style of gameplay that will stand between these solutions. We want to avoid both of these ailments without limiting the freedom of development characteristic of dynamic RTS games.

II.: The king is only one!

One of the basic ailments of arcade RTS games is the ability to perform an early rush on the opponent, by building the units creation infrastructure just under the opponent start location. This very effective method has become a common practice in online competitions. And although this tactic is not a bad thing in itself, when it becomes common, it makes the game a competition in quickly pressing the shortcut keys instead of being a strategic game.

To prevent this, we decided that each player will have only one town hall built in the default starting position. Losing this building will mean a loss in the game, which is why your primary task is to protect it. The Town Hall has its own control zone within which you are allowed to build buildings, and this zone expands with the development of your base and building new structures.

III.: But I dreamed about an empire…

If after the first point you feel sad that you will be forced to slowly develop your base on a pre-determined position, we have something for you that will improve your mood. Workers will be given the ability to build outposts right after the invention of the “engineer” improvement in the forge. This upgrade allows your workers to build fortifications, such as walls, defense towers, or the abovementioned outposts.

The outpost fulfills the basic functions of the Town Hall.

  • It has its own control zone, allowing construction of buildings.
  • Workers can take the collected raw materials to it.
  • You can build new workers units in it.

It also has some differences in relation to the Town Hall building:

  • You can place it anywhere on the map, it does not have to be in your control zone.
  • Destroying this building does not end the game.
  • It has unique possibilities of expanding its own fortifications.

IV.: Conclusions.

In our opinion, the proposed infrastructure development system will have a positive impact on the experience of online battles. It will eliminate the situation in which most games end after a few minutes due to blocking the possibility of expansion. An additional advantage is also the elimination of the need to search the map in search of the last buildings of the opponent who, despite the losses suffered, does not want to surrender. It provides a clear goal of warfare which is the town hall of the opponent. In addition, this system makes that at a later stage of the game, the player gets full freedom in the expansion of his reign on the battle map.

Of course, we realize that not everything has to work as well as it looks on paper, so we’ll come back to the subject at the alpha testing stage. We are also open to your comments and suggestions regarding the proposed mechanics.


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