In its basic assumptions, the combat system in the “Gates Of Ruined Empire” is a complex, comprehensive but nevertheless clear-cut system of interactions based on classic paper RPG systems.

The system is based on complex interactions of various unit parameters. Exactly defining the basic combat capabilities and weaknesses that an individual has.

Here is probably already familiar to you (from the Patreon page) graph showing the basic numerical parameters possessed by each unit in the game.

Let’s take a closer look at what this is all about:

Main Parameters:

  • Vitality – Otherwise called: points of life. Their number can be modified temporarily by supporting spells or curses. When this parameter drops to zero, the unit dies.
  • Strenght – The strength with which the unit fights melee. This parameter can be temporarily modified with spells, or permanently thanks to improvements in buildings.
  • Spell Power – The power of spells cast by the unit, offensive, defensive or healing. The basic feature of mages, however, some melee units may also have some magical abilities.
  • Movement/Attack speed – The speed at which the unit moves or fights. Of course, the parameter can be improved or decreased by spells and appropriate buildings. The speed of the movement is also affected by the area on which the unit moves.
  • Element of attack & Power of element – These parameters determine whether the unit’s attack deals additional damage related to the element (fire, water, earth, air), and how big that damage is.

Types Of Attack:

Depending on what weapon the unit has, we must define the basic attack parameter. We distinguish the following types:

  • Sword – Effective in the fight against lightly armored opponents. Units wielding them are characterized by high attack speed and mobility.
  • Blunt – This type of weapon is much slower than swords, but allows much more damage to heavily armored opponents.
  • Pike – Weapons with a very low attack speed, allowing you to deal significant damage to large units and protect yourself against enemy charges. It also has a fairly large range, so the units equipped with it can support allied units in combat without the risk of injury.
  • Javelin – Very slow but lethal ranged weapon, effective against slow, highly armored units.
  • Bow and arrows – A fast way to deal with a weakly armored opponent from a distance. The units equipped with it are characterized by high speed of attack and mobility.
  • Siege – War machines generally cope well with everything they hit (if they hit the target). Whether it’s an enemy or an ally, it will become a bloody stain.
  • Magic – Depending on the type of spell, it can be deadly for various types of units. You just need to choose the right spell, and do not confuse the words  🙂

Faction bonuses and strengthening units:

You already know the basic parameters of units and what weapons they have. Before we go to learn how to defend ourselves, let’s talk about how the whole system of giving suffering to other units looks in practice.

A freshly created unit has basic parameters tailored to its type. For example, an ordinary Swordsman has the type of attack: sword, medium armor, and no magical abilities. However, thanks to the expansion of our base, we can improve his equipment, giving him, for example, a shield to defend against archers, or equip him with heavy plate armor, which will limit his speed, but it will also make our swordsman much harder to kill.

Each modification of the weapon and armor of the unit is visible on its model.
These modifications cannot be undone during a single game, so if your opponent realizes that your entire army contains only swordsmans in heavy armor. Hope he will not visit you with an army equipped with javelins and hammers.

This is one of the key aspects of gameplay in Gates Of Ruined Empire. All the time you have to watch your opponent’s actions and adapt your units so that you do not realize that you have a great but useless army.

Similarly, magic enhancements works. Thanks to spells or improvements in buildings, you can equip your warriors with a weapon that deals additional damage from frost, or armor which can survive even the hottest fire.

In addition, each faction has a unique area of magic. The Order can infuse armor with a holy blaze, the Fallen can put nightmares in their equipment, and the Necromancers’ faction can make everything their weapons touch will slowly corrupt.

There are really many possibilities. Therefore, no battle that you will play in the Gates Of Ruined Empire will never be the same. Each of them will require you to be vigilant and able to match your strategy. However, when you get to know the basics you will quickly become the champion.

We still have to discuss the ways of defending your troops, but this topic is so vast that we will leave it for later.


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