Mages of the empire is a mysterious caste that protects its secrets at all costs.

Secret knowledge that lies at the source of their power derives from studying the “Gift of the heavens” – a star that by its fall contributed to the end of the old world and the rise of the Empire.

The main place for the development of their field of knowledge is the Glass Tower, created at the place of the star’s fall. Thanks to their knowledge, the empire has developed the technology of the gates allowing contacts with other worlds, thus gaining unmatched power and economic abilities.

Adepts of magic who turn out to be worth knowing secret knowledge undergo a mute ritual. Thanks to which their body becomes only a coating of their true nature. They cease to feel hunger and the need to take a breath and gain the ability to communicate through the power of their own mind. The stitches on his lips are considered as a symbol of joining the mage to the inner circle.


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