When the creators of Unreal Engine decided to make their engine available for free to the whole world, they were accompanied by the sentence “If You love something set it free”. As it turns out, this sentence also fits into our project.

After long reflection, calculations and a few sleepless nights I decided that G.O.R.E. in its full version it will be free to play. Yes Yes! You read it right. If you want to try your skills in the G.O.R.E. multiplayer module, you’ll be able to do it for free. Checking your wallet will only be required if you want to play a single-player story campaign, or if you find that your avatar urgently needs a new skin. Personally, I think RTS games have their unique atmosphere and I’m not going to block anyone’s access to it through the paywall.

As you know, I am currently preparing a playable pre-alpha G.O.R.E. demo which will appear on Steam at the beginning of December this year. Thanks to it you will learn the basics of the gameplay mechanics I propose and the general atmosphere of the G.O.R.E. world.  I hope that what you see in the upcoming demo will appeal to you so much that you decide to support my work through the upcoming crowdfunding action on the IndieGoGo. Our goal will be to raise funds to complete the core of the game and bring the game to a stage where you will be able to play with other online players. If we manage to collect something more, it will open new possibilities for us. However, our main goal is to give the world high-quality RTS, with a complex gameplay system. So that everyone can see if he is a great commander.

More information will appear in the coming weeks. However, if you want to help in the development of G.O.R.E. right now, I invite you to visit our profile on Patreon. Any funds are always welcome in our highly indie production process 😉

And don’t forget to add G.O.R.E. to your Steam wishlist!



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