The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. Our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter starts next week!

As usual, we had a small delay, but I must admit that the reason was entirely my person. Two years of continuous crunch have left their mark on me, so before starting the campaign I decided to make a full analysis of my health. To decide if I can start Kickstarter with a clear conscience or whether it’s better to look for a good gravedigger;) As it turns out, it is not so bad with me, and apart from quite a significant degradation of the spine, I am able to complete this project.

That is why I have completed all the formalities and from today you can expect the start of our campaign.
If the process of accepting the software on Steam runs smoothly, at the end of next week you will be able to play the demo version and decide in person whether you want to support this project.

Click to visit Kickstarter and add G.O.R.E. to your wishlist!

Personally, I am very excited about the days to come. Our budget for advertising is practically non-existent, so I will be extremely grateful if you help me to promote the project when it starts.

See you soon!


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Dark Oath Games is creating an extensive classic RTS game - Gates Of a Ruined Empire. If you want to support our work, we invite you to support our action on the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkoath/gates-of-a-ruined-empire

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