We understand the fact that many of you run your own channel on the Youtube, Twitch or similar platform. We want every creator who wants to distribute information about our project to have access to materials that facilitate your work. It does not matter if you represent a large publisher, whether you are a beginning YouTuber or streamer, thanks to this site, each of you will have access to materials that will help you create high-quality content about the G.O.R.E. project.

Media Newsletter:

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We realize that you care about the best quality of content you create. Visible pixels and compression artefacts are not what you want to see in your materials. Therefore, below, you can download our logos in quality that will surely please you.

Game Logo:

Download version with shadows
Download version without shadows

Game Logo Wide Version:

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Video Files:

Instead of downloading from YouTube, our official video files can be downloaded directly from us.

Trailer for five months of work:

Download (185MB)