Project Status

Work on the G.O.R.E. project is being done thanks to the financial resources obtained from our patrons and sponsors. The speed of these works (in particular related to graphics) depends on the amount of funds available.

What is currently done:

☑ Unit: Ballista
☑ Unit: Wizard
☑ Unit: Archer
☑ Building: Forge
☑ Building: Barracks
☑ Ballistics system
☑ Physics system
☑ Mining system
☑ Melee battle system
☑ Basic User Interface
☑ Basic Environmental destruction systems
☑ Basic game mechanics such as faction handling, unit diversification, basic building maintenance.
☑ Artificial intelligence support for unit management.
☑ System for modifying and strengthening units
☑ Basic control methods
☑ Modular battle dependence tree
☑ Landscape management and its impact on the combat properties of units
☑ Foundations of artificial intelligence behaviours
Support for landscapes, vegetation, and fauna
☑ The basic buildings of the Order’s faction
☑ Mastermesh for the Humans
☑ Basic User Interface
☑ Basic Animations for humanoids
☑ Avatar: Centurion
☑ Basic Animations for humanoids